Resin bound stone paving is the perfect alternative to the common tarmac, gravel and concrete drives. The environmentally friendly and crack-resistance nature of resin paving provide a durable and professionally looking option. With the use of resin paving, we are able to transform and improve any surface.


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We offer a complete service that is dedicated to turning your ideas into a reality.

Due to the popularity of resin bound paving, there are now a wide variety of options available. With a variety of different materials to choose from in a range of colours, we are confident that we will be able to provide a tailored solution that perfectly matches your needs and requirements.

Whether you are looking to have your existing driveway improved or just want an area in your garden filled with a crack-resistance surface, we can help you. Our skilled craftsmen are able to take your ideas and requirements and return a professional result every time.


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We are confident in our workmanship and aim to leave every customer completely satisfied.

We pride ourselves on both excellent customer care and quality workmanship. We offer a full service from start to finish, including free quotations and honest advice. With a numerous glowing reviews and affordable rates, you can expect the very best from North Essex Landscaping.


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Cost Effective Solution

The materials and process involved in resin paving is an inexpensive option that offers a professional and pleasing appearance.

resin bonded drive north essex

Durable & Long Lasting

A resin bound driveway is extremely tough. The flexible nature of materials used means that the surface is crack-resistance, even under extremes of heat, cold and weight.

resin bonded drive north essex

Environmentally Friendly

Resin driveways offer an environmentally friendly alternative due to the fact that it requires less water for the installation process and traps less heat than darker coloured concrete drives. It does not have an impact on the growth of trees or the water cycle.

Resin bonded drive in North Essex


One of the main factors behind the popularity of resin paving, it the fact that is highly customisable. From crushed glass and anti-slip to glitter, your resin paving can be tailored to your preferences.

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The Benefits Of Resin

Cost Effective Solution
Durable & Lasting
Environmentally Friendly


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